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Security Bit Set

Comprises: CR-VT-8 CR-VT-10 CR-VT-15 CR-VT-20 CR-VT-25 CR-VT-27 CR-VT-30 CR-VT-35 CR-VT-40 CR-V5/64 CR-V3/32 CR-V7/64 CR-V1/8 CR-V9/64 CR-V5/32 CRV-10 CR-V2 CR-V2.5 CR-V3 CR-V4 CR-V5 CR-V6 CRV 6 CR-V8 CR-V4X CRV6X CRV8X CRV10X CRV1TRI CR-V2TRI CRV3TRI CR-V4TRI. Supplied with magnetic extension holder and storage case.

Click on the relevant destination package to order - prices are fully inclusive. If possible please pay by PayPal as this helps to keep our prices as low as possible [you don't need a PayPal account to do so].



  SECBITSET - United Kingdom - 8.50

  SECBITSET - Rest of World - 9.95


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